Construction of Azmir (Azmr) Tunnel

رِؤلَي به شي جيؤلؤجي  له دروست كردني  تونيَلى ئه زمرِ

  Role of the Department of Geology in Construction of

 Azmir (Azmr) Tunne


 Professor  Kamal Haji Karim and Dr Khalid Mahmood Ismail  (from left: first and  sixth person in the photo respectively) on Azmir mountain  with Iranian experts who try to find the best location for the tunnel 

                         Location of the Azmir Tunnel

               The cross section of he tunnel  has horse  shoe shape


Specification of the Azmir (Azmr) tunnel


1-The length of the tunnel is 2344m

2- The cost of construction (without ventilation and electric  lighting) was 13,299,000 US Dollars

3- The contract of construction was given to ICG Iranian Company at 10-8-2004.

4-The cross section of the tunnel is horse shoe shape

5- The firs starting of the excavation is started at 24-11-2005

6- It is the largest project in Iraq during last 20 years in Iraq (This is based on time and fuel reducing benefits and environmental protection).

7- It reduces used up fuel and time by more than three times during traveling between Sulaimani city and Chuarta-Mawat area.

8- The inlet (southern end) and outlet elevations above sea level are 1216m and 1230m respectively

9- it is about 580m below the peak of the Azmir mountain   

10-  The amount of excavated rock materials are about 500,000 tons 

11- The difference in elevation   between inlet (1216) and outlet (1236) is 20m. The tunnel has slope toward Sulaimani city for transferring ground water and stream for water Chwarta area to the city

Visit of students of Department of Geology to the tunnel during excavation

of about 63 m only excavated


  Outlet  of the Azmir tunnel (in the Sitak area) prepared for drilling the  tunnel in  Azmir mountain




Students of department of geology inside the tunnel

with professor Kamal Haji Karim

Joint analysis of the tunnel for expecting of the rockfall inside the tunnel at length

of 60m  from the inlet ( southwestern end


Visit of students of third year geology to the tunnel during construction

when only 63m of the it drilled at 13-8-2005. The supporting steel ribs can be seen along the wall of the tunnel

Preparing of the inlet portal for excavation of the tunnel in

 the Shiranish Formation (marly limestone)


Prepared inlet portal for beginning of excavation of

 the tunnel 

The Azmir tunnel  now, which serves  millions of people of Kurdistan



Post Author: Professor Kamal Haji Karim

Professor at Department of Geology, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq