Sarchinar Cement Factory: History and Production

Sarchinar Cement Factory: History and Production

Professor:   Kamal Haji Karim


The Sarchinar cement factory is constructed during 1954-1957 for production of Portland cement till 2009 when it closed for ever due to the occupation of surround areas by urbanization. It is one of the oldest cement companies in Iraq and the first one in Kurdistan. This factory has great role in the development and building of Sulaimanyia Governorate (Sulaimani). Its role appear in the spread of education and science of cement production in the area due to which now three large cement factories (Bazian, Mass and Tasluja Cement Factories) are  established and two other ones  are on way For  construction. These factories use limestone of Sinjar Formation for production of clinker.

This booklet is prepared by the company which contains valuable information about history of cement production in Sulaimanyia Governorate. The chemical analysis of raw material and clinker is very useful for students in department of geologies and business mans. The booklet contains information about limestone of Kometan Formation from which the limestone raw materials are taken. It contains analysis of the clay that used for mixing with limestone.  The aim of publication of this booklet in my web site is to respect all workers, technicians, and managers that worked in this factory many of whom may not remained in life. God save those is still living and those are not in life the mercy of God upon them and their place will be glorious paradise. They are unknown soldiers that helped Sulaimanyia Governorate to be the center of Cement production in Iraq. For more detail open this link:


Post Author: Professor Kamal Haji Karim

Professor at Department of Geology, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq