Researches in PDF

Paractical Structural GeologyPDF

1– Avroman Formation, Halabja  PDF
2– Avroman, Qulqula conglomerate  PDF
3– Bekhme and Qamchuqa contact  PDF
4– Chert nodule in Kometan Formation  PDF
5– Flysch and Molasse of Kurdistan  PDF
6– Geology of Iraq PDF
7-Gulneri Formation  PDF
8-Intermmountain basin, Kurdistan PDF
9-Comparison of Khabour and Tanjero Fns PDF
10-Kometan, Shiranish Contact, Dokan PDF
11-Environment of Late Cretaceous Tanjero Formation PDF
12-Lineament in Kurdistan and Iraq PDF
13-Lithology of the lower Part Qulqula Formation PDF
14-Lower Fars tempestite PDF
15-Mammal and bird foot prints in Lower Bakhtiary PDF
16-Mawat-Chuarta Fault, Kurdistan PDF
17-Ministry Course_book PDF
18-Oligocene unconformity in Iraq PDF
19-Origin of Ball and Pillow, Sulaimani PDF
20-Origin of Dislocated limestone blocks PDF
21-Origin of Kurdistan Marble PDF
22-Paleocurrent analysis of Maastrichtian PDF
23-Qulqula Formation in the type section, Kurdistan PDF
24-Rock slide , Qara Chattan, Kurdistan, Iraq PDF
25-Sequence stratigraphy of Tanjero Formation, NE -Iraq PDF
26-slide and groundwater PDF
27-Tectonic of Maastrichtian, Zagros PDF
28-Tempestite in Tanjero Formation PDF
29-Stromatolites, Barzinja, Barsarin Formation, Kurdistan Region PDF
30-Time Expanded stratigraphic column of NE Iraq PDF

31- Qarachatan rock slide (mass wasting).pdf
32-Oligocene in High Folded Zone PDF
34-Pale brown succession and its Biozonation (Lower Maastrichtian) PDF
35-Example of natural radioactivity of Kurdistan  PDF
36-Qamchuqa environment  PDF
37-New ideas about Lower Fars _Fatha_ Formation PDF
38-Larger Foraminifera on Red Bed Series by Dr Imad & Mushir, 2008 PDF
39Gypsum beds and hypogene processes in Sangaw Sinkholes

40-Microfossil assemblages  of  Balambo Formation from Azmer Mountain PDF

41- Contact of Bekhma and Qamchuqa formations

42-Biostratigraphy of Bluish Marl Succession (Maastrichtian),Tanjero  Formation.pdf PDF

43-Nannofossils biozonation of the contact between Shiranish and Kometan Formations PDF

44- Azmir stratigraphy by nanno, Vol.15,No.2 JZS

45- Relations between deep and shallow Cretaceous units

46- New geologic setting of Bekhme Formation

47-Diachronous deposition of Bsekhme (Bakhma) Formation

78-Microfacies Analysis and Depositional Environment of the Sargelu Formation (Middle Jurassic)

 78-biostraigraphy of Sartak-Bamo area

80. limestine conglomerat in Dokan area, Pliocene

81-Types of recent microbalite in Ranyia area

82- Lateral thrust in Chwarta-Mawat area

83-Oligocene on Sharwaldir anticline

84-Tectonical history of the Arabian platform during late  Cretaceous

85-Age determination and origin of crenulated limetone in Sulaimaniyah area

86-Groundwater of Khanaqin Town, Iraq

87-لایمستون لەناو بختیاری دا

88.kolosh Formation lateral and vertical facies change. pdf

89.Asnawa Iron ore and geology of Penjween (Penjuen) area. PDF

90-Harmetool structure  and geology of western  boundary of Sulaimani city. PDF

91-Stratigraphic analysis of Azmir-Goizha anticlines and geology of northern boundary of Sulaimani city. PDF

92-Critical analysis of type section of balambo Formation and Geology of southern part of Halabja  area. PDF

93-New geologic setting of Bekhme Formation and geology of Bekhme (Bakhma) Gorge. PDF

94-Nannofossils-Kometan-Shiranish-Fprmation and Geology of Chaqchaq valley. PDF

95-Geomorphology  and mass wastinh of Piramagroon-Kanikhan valley. PDF

96-structure and stratigraphy of Sagrma (Qaradagh)  anticline.PDF

97-Surface analysis and critical review of the Darbandikhan  (Khanaqin or Sirwan)  fault. PDF

98-  Stratigraphic column of Iraq by Bawan Fayaq  stratigraphy-of-iraq Bawan Fayaq

99-Sedimentary Basins

100-Paragenesis and geochornological studies of Asnawa Iron Ore by the isotope and mineral chemistry in Penjween Area, Zagros Suture Zone Kurdistan Region, NE Iraq  PDF

101-Geology of Iraq, a course by Professor Kamal Haji Karim PDF

102- Stratigraphy and Facies Analysis of the Govanda Formation from Western Zagros, Kurdistan Region, Northeastern Iraq, Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences Vol. 18, No. 2, pp. 69 -98.PDF

103-Geology and critical review of the Upper Cretaceous Zagros chalky limestone of Kometan Formation

104-Mammal foot print in Lower Bakhtiary

105-Age determination and origin of crenulated limetone in Sulaimaniyah area  PDF

106-Geology and critical review of the Upper Cretaceous Zagros chalky limestone (Kometan Formation) from Sulaimani Governorate, Northeastern Iraq.  PDF

107- Origin of structures and textures of some Kurdistan marbles as inferred from sedimentary ancestor structures, NE-Iraq  PDF

108- Laboratory   Structure Geology by Dr Abdul Nasir Darkal    Practical Structural Geology

109-Bulfat volcaniclastic sandstone (greywacke)

112- Stratigraphy of the Mawat and Bulfat Ophiolites complexes Stratigraphy