Personal information

Full Name: Kamal Haji Karim Ahmad
Place and date of birth: Sulaimani City, Kurdistan region, Iraq: 1/7/1957
Nationality: Iraqi
Gender: Male
Maturial Status: Married

Face book:

Contact information:
Address: University of Sulaimani, College of Science, Deparment of Geology
Cell phone: 07701571445
E-mail: [email protected]

Ph D: University of Sulaimani, Sulaimani, Iraq, 2004
M Sc: University of Salahaddin, Iraq, 1988
B Sc: University of Sulaimani, Sulaimani, Iraq, 1982
Department position: Present head of Department of Geology

Speaking Languages: Kurdish(native). Arabic, English and Persian

Scientific Degrees
Present-2009: Professor, University of Sulaimani, Department of Geology.
2009-2004-: Assistant Professor, University of Sulaimani, Department of Geology.
2004-1994: Lecturer, University of Sulaimani, Department of Geology.
1994-1989: Assistant lecture, University of Salahaddin, Arbil.

Research Interest: sedimentology

MSc Thesis Title:
Petrography and sedimentology of Lower Fars Formation in the bore hole (S1) from Hammam Al-Alil area Northern

Ph D Dissertation Title:
Basin analysis of Tanjero Formation in Sulaimaniya area, NE-Iraq.

Published Papers

  1. Karim K. H. and Al-Rawi, D.  (1992) Facies analysis and basin reconstruction of Lower Fars Formation in the Shura bore hole no. 1, Hammam Alil area, and Mosul district. Iraqi Geological Journal, vol.25, no.2, pp.63-87.
  2. Karim, K.H.(1997) Stratigraphy of Sartaq-Bamo Area from northeastern Iraq. Iraqi geological Journal, Vol. 31, no. 1. 1997.
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  6. Karim, K.H.,  Jaza, I.H. and Ghafoor , I.M.(2001) New record of mammal and bird footprint in Miqdadiya Formation, Chamchemal area, NE-Iraq. Iraqi. Journal of Iraqi Geological Society. Vo. 34. No.1.
  7. Karim, K. H.,  Lawa, F.A.  and Ghafoor, I.M (2000)  New discovery of Carnivores mammilla fossils of Late Miocene – Early Pliocene age from Chamchamal area/ Kurdistan region/NE-Iraq. Journal of Zankoy Sulaimani, part A, Vol. 3, No.1,. Pp. 33-47.
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  10. Karim, K. H and Surdashy, A.M.  (2005) Tectonic and depositional history of Upper Cretaceous Tanjero Formation in Sulaiumanyia area, NE-Iraq. Journal of Zankoy Sulaimani, Vo. 8, No.1.p.1-20 2005
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  73. Three papers are waiting for publishing

Participation in Conferences

1.1st scientific conference of Salahaddin University, 1990
2.Eleventh Iraqi geological conference. Baghdad, 1997
3.1st scientific conference of Dohuk University 2000.
4. 1st scientific conference of Kurdistan Geological society, 1995.
5.1st scientific conference of Kurdistan Geological society 1996.
6-17th International Congress of Sedimentology, Fukuka, Japan, 2006.
7-International Conference on Geo-resources in the Middle East and North Africa, Egypt, Cairo, 2007 (GRMENA2).
8-International Conference on Geo-resources in the middle east and north Africa , Egypt, Cairo, 2009.( GRMENA3).
9-Petroleum Geology of Iraq (First Symposium, 21-22, April 2010, Baghdad)
10-1st Geological Conference of Kurdistan (Geokurdistan 2012)
11-First International Conference on Petroleum and Mineral Resources (2012), Koyia University, Koyia Town

12. 70th Geological Congress of Turkey, 2017

1-Supervising of tens of geological reports
2- Supervising of the construction of the Azimr Tunnel (Largest tunnel in Iraq)

3-Theses Supervision

1-Tectonostratigraphic tratigraphic evolution of the northeastern Arabian Plate in Kurdistan since the Jurassic, PhD by Sirwan Hama Ahmed

2-Sedimentlogy and geochemistry of the Limestone successions of the lower Member of the Qulqula Formation, Kurdistan Region, NE-Iraq, PhD, By: Sardar Mohamad Rada

3-Sedimentology and lithostratigraphyof Qamchuqa Formation from Kurdistan Region, NE−Iraq, PhD thesis by Bakhtiar Mohamad Ameen

4- Biostratigraphic contribution to the differentiation of the  Lower-Middle Cretaceous units in the Imbricated Zone of Sulaimani Governorate, Kurdistan Region, NE Iraq, PhD thesis 2014, by Araz Omer Salih Rashid Al-Khafaf.

5-Tectonic evolution of the  Zagros Foreland basin during  Late Cretaceous –Paleocene in the Duhok ana Rabil areas, NE-Iraq, PhD Thesis,2012, by: Rabea Khalaf Hassan Zanad

6- Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Former Qulqula Conglomerate Formation, Kurdistan Region, NE. Iraq. MSc thesis, 2006 by Mushir Qadir  Baziany

7- Sedimentology of Late Cretaceous Formation from Kurdistan Region, NE−Iraq, MSc thesis,2008,  by Zardasht Ahmad Taha


Participation in social organizations
1-Member of Kurdistan Geological Society
2-Member of Kurdistan Academicians Society
3- Member of Kurdistan Teachers Society